Instant messaging solution
for your office LAN
The best alternative WinPopup tool.
Chat over LAN via Popup LAN messenger.
Simple, more user-friendly interface.

Send messages between Windows 11, 10, 7, 8, XP, Android and Mac OS X

The Popup LAN messenger program is designed to exchange messages between computers on a local area network. You can send messages and files to a single person or group of people at once. Don't have time for phone talks? Just install a local winpopup alternative software. You can send all notifications to your colleagues in your office or even another building in a real-time.

Softros winpopup tool main window

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Main features:

  • Private messages exchange. All communications are encrypted by AES secure algorithm.
  • An internet connection isn't required. Software doesn't require a dedicated server.
  • PC to PC file transfer. Send any documents with one click.
  • Video chats and voice calls over LAN.
  • Broadcast messages. Use for mass notifications in your local network.
  • User groups. Make a group list for every department.