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Is your company experiencing communication difficulties within the team? Are you really tired of noticing every colleague about a meeting? Just tired of walking around the office, solving simple questions? If you answered "yes" to at least one of these questions, then it is time to implement a local corporate messenger. Want to know more? You are welcome!
Popup LAN Messenger is a simple and easy to use office application. Exchange messages and files over a local network. This messenger does not require and use Internet connection. Thus it ensures that all transmitted information can not go beyond the local network.
The new application is simple to install and use, has a nice, intuitive interface and works well for users with limited rights. For your convenience, there is also a file transfer function. Besides, fine-tuning allows an administrator to ban the use of certain functions of the application and change its settings, which may be useful in a large company with fragmented infrastructure. The messaging system is decentralized and does not require a dedicated server that allows you to save money on hardware.
Nine years of continuous improvement ensures quality and stability, provided by this software.

Softros LAN messenger. Winpopup tool.

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Key features of Popup LAN Messenger:

  • Instant messaging with the ability to multi-user mode.
    You can create virtual rooms with any number of users in each.
  • Safe network communications.
    All messages do not go beyond the local network.
  • Group communication in the network.
    Use mass mailings to inform employees about upcoming events.
  • File transfer.
    Easy sharing of various documents with colleagues.
  • Grouping of users.
    Arrange your colleagues in groups or positions for ease of communication.
  • Management of user rights.
    The administrator can disable the use of any function, if necessary.
  • Messages' history.
    You will never lose any messages because they are all saved in history.
  • Distributed architecture.
    There is no need to install a dedicated server.
  • No need for internet connection.
    The application works only inside your local network and eliminates your employees from wasting time in ICQ, keeping your traffic and minimizing the possibility of attacks.
  • Support for Terminal Server.
    Softros LAN Messenger is successfully running on a terminal server from Microsoft or Citrix and supports the simultaneous use of multiple user sessions.
  • Ease of installation.
    You do not need administration skills to start using our program. Just install the application on each computer, and it's ready to go.
  • Easy exporting.
    Configuring the network settings on one computer, you can export them to a file, then use on the rest. This makes setting up programs easier in complex networks.
  • Full support for Windows 11, 10, 7, 8 and Win XP, Android and Mac OS X.
    The corporate messaging system has never looked so good. Our program provides you with full support for modern ergonomic interfaces.